McGard advertises at the point of sale

Our newly developed striking advertising display and the decorative shelf wobbler effectively present the McGard products at the point of sale.

More and more customers do not want to forego on their optically attractive alloy rims during the cold season and prefer them to the less attractive steel rims. These high-quality and expensive rims are popular as stolen goods as they can be stolen only within minutes without really great effort. More and more frequently, the press shows pictures of vehicles which are placed on bricks or similar. The damages resulting from this often amounts to about several thousand Euros.

Wheel locks from McGard are an appropriate tool to deter potential thieves. They are equipped with a special code on the head and can only be opened with the fitting key. As thieves normally have to act quickly and silently, these protected rims are mostly avoided.

If the customer should lose the mentioned key, it can quickly and easily (e.g. online at shop.mcgard.de) be reordered through the McGard customer service. Also dealers can order replacement keys at any time through our McGard online shop. Every wheel lock set includes a code card with the aid of which the fitting key can be found. All customers can also register with their personal code at www.mcgard.de so that the all necessary and required data are already available in case of loss. Fast replacement is thus guaranteed.

The use of our displays and wobblers takes place throughout Europe with our distribution partners, for example in the car repair shops of A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger GmbH & Co. KG.

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