Individual protection for fitted wheels and tyres

As far back as 1977, McGard has been supplying vehicle manufacturers worldwide with security products. McGard also provides other security solutions for the automotive industry in addition to its continuously refined range of anti-theft wheel locks that can look back on decades of success. Theft protection for spare tyres, tailgates, hub caps, satnavs, to name but a few, round off the McGard product range for the automotive sector.

As the world leader in wheel theft protection, it is a matter of course for us to meet and exceed the highest OEM requirements. Regular quality audits of vehicle manufacturers and external institutions ensure the highest possible quality standards. Constant optimization of the production and logistics processes lead to permanent increase in efficiency and cost reductions.

High regular investments in our machinery keep our production lean and competitive - also in the future. The development of new wheel lock designs, which prevent wheel theft more effectively, solve existing customer problems and confirms our innovative strength.

McGard OEM antitheft wheel locks meet the safety standards of automotive insurers, such as "Thatcham Cat.4".